REPORT for 2015 year

1.1. History

The network of main oil pipelines of Russia was originally created as a part of single oil supply system. In accordance with the USSR Council of Ministers Directive № 96 dated from 05.02.1970 there was established the Central Production Department for the transportation and supply of oil (Glavtransneft) of the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR, which was asked to take the oil from the oil fields and to supply to its customers, including export delivery outside the former Soviet Union. 

Central Production Department “Glavtransneft” was abolished in 1991 with the termination of the activities of the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR.

Oil transportation services within the territory of the Russian Federation were provided on the terms of consignors’ contracts with the company Transneft, from September of 1993 – with Transneft PJSC, from July of 1998 - with Transneft PJSC.

In view of legal succession of the previously mentioned companies the period of activity of Transneft PJSC has been set since 1970 year.