REPORT for 2015 year

2.1. Development strategy

Transneft PJSC strategy for the period until2020 year (hereinafter – Strategy) was approved by the Resolution of the Transneft PJSC Board of Directors dated 19.11.2014 year (Minutes № 23).

Strategy objectives– development and technical upgrade of trunk pipeline transportation of the Russian Federation to meet in full all demands in oil and petroleum products transportation within the domestic market and for the export directions basis on the following:

  • use of equipment manufactured within the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • use of modern leading industrial technologies, which provide outstanding reliability, and industrial and environmental safety;
  • assurance of the profits from oil and petroleum products transportation in the volume necessary and sufficient for the carrying-out of the Development strategy, technical upgrading and revamping of trunk pipeline facilities.

The said measures implementation is planned till 2020 year within the validity period of the Transneft PJSC Strategy.

According to the Transneft PJSC Strategy, there is also planned carrying – out of the following major activities and measures for trunk pipelines system development and upgrading:

  • increase of capacity of PS ESPO-1 up and to 80 mln. t/year – implementation period 2020 year;
  • increase of capacity of PS ESPO-2 up and to 50 mln. t/year – implementation period 2019 year;
  • construction of oil pipelines to ensure intake in the transportation pipelines system  of oil from the oil fields of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District  – implementation period 2016 year;
  • increase of capacity of oil products pipeline «North» up and to 25 mln t/year to redirect volumes of petroleum products from abroad ports – implementation period 2018 year;
  • assurance of oil products supply diversification with start of the new direction in the south of Russia due to construction of main oil product pipelines along the site from Volgograd to Novorossiysk - implementation period 2018 year.