REPORT for 2015 year

2.3. Development strategy and Long-term development programme alteration

In 2015 year there was made the correction of the Long-term development programme. The altered LTDP was approved by the Ministry of Energetics, Ministry of Economic Development, Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimeschestvo) and approved by the Resolution   of the Transneft PJSC Board of Directors dated 28.10.2015 year (Minutes № 26).

Correction of the Transneft PJSC Long-term development programme was made under the following reasons:

  • 1. Pursuant to the Minutes of the meeting with the Deputy PM of the Russian Federation Dvorkovich A.V. dated  17.11.2014 №АD-P9-181pr Transneft PJSC  was ordered to include into its LTDP the following items and indicators:
  • management of port facilities;
  • counter-terrorism security of facilities;
  • integrated index of efficiency that characterizes the innovative development;
  • integration performance indicator of investment activity, including the timing of the setting into operation and other ondicators aimed at reducing the unit costs of the Company for capital construction and revamping;
  • key performance indicators that characterize the reliability of the system of trunk pipelines taking into account the level of depreciation of fixed assets;
  • paragraph and indicators  of operating costs reduction;
  • paragraph and indicators  of procurement efficiency improvement.
  • 2. Resolution of the Transneft PJSC Board dated 28.04.2015 year to amend a part of the development programmes, technical upgrading and revamping of Transneft PJSC trunk pipelines facilities:
  • Including of the new projects:
    • PS ESPO – Komsomolsk OR oil pipeline delivery point.
    • Yug Project the 3rd stage:
      • Construction of Samara – Volgograd OPTP;
      • Increase in Volgograd - Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk OPTP up and to 11 mln tons per a year;
      • Increase in Usa – Ukhta and Ukhta – Yaroslavl trunk pipeline capacity;
      • Increase in trunk pipeline capacity in order to ensure oil supply to the OR of TANECO PLC up and to 14 mln tons per a year.
  • Alteration of terms and stage-by-stage approach of the projects implementation:
    • The postponement of the deadline for completion of expansion works on  Kuyumba – Taishet trunk pipeline up and to 15 mln tons per a year by 2023 year;
    • The postponement of the implementation of the project on revamping of Western Siberia trunk pipeline for increase in volume of oil transportation in the direction of the town of Taishet with the completion of construction and setting into operation of facilities by 2025 year;
    • The postponement of terms of setting into operation of part of facilities under the “PS ESPO expansion project within the site of the Taishet BOPS - Skovorodino NPS up ant to 80 mln tons per a year” by 2020 year.
  • 3. Correction of the Transneft PJSC Energy Management Programme for the period within 2015 – 2020 years, included in LTDP;
  • 4. Consideration of the recommendations of KPMG PJSC following the results of the audit on the implementation of the LTDP for 2014 year.