REPORT for 2015 year


Charity work is one of the most important components of the social policy of Transneft PJSC. The focus areas of the Company charity work are the following:

  • financing of social infrastructure in the regions where the Company and entities of Transneft system exist (construction, revamping, overhaul and repair of schools, kindergartens, polyclinics and other social institutions);
  • support the development of public sports (financing of sports schools and clubs, activities aimed at the development of material and technical base of physical culture and sports in schools and places of living of the people, as well as other projects aimed at promoting of the development of public sports);
  • support of environmental programmes aimed at protecting of the environment and animal welfare (co-operation with academic institutions, non-governmental environmental organizations and movements on issues related to the introduction of ecologically pure technologies, rational use of natural resources, the fight against pollution of the soil, water and air);
  • assistance in the development of science and higher education (improvement of the infrastructure of higher education institutions, increasing of the size of scholarships for students, involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in scientific researches, financing of the departments and laboratories conducting research on topical issues of the pipeline industry, the implementation of other projects aimed at creating of new technologies, the development of education and science);
  • financing of activities that promote the development of culture, preservation and multiplication of the spiritual values of the peoples of multinational Russia (implementation of projects for the restoration and revival of historical monuments, theaters , museums, libraries, cultural and educational institutions support);
  • cooperation with Religious Organizations (financing of the construction, revamping, overhaul and repair of monasteries, temples, assistance in publishing, as well as other projects that contribute to the spiritual and moral education of the people and the preservation of traditions of multinational Russia);
  • social support and protection of citizens, including the improvement of the material conditions of the poor ones, the social rehabilitation of the unemployed, and people with disabilities;
  • contributing to strengthening of the prestige and the role of the family in society, maternity protection, social rehabilitation of orphans and children left without parental care, street children, children in difficult circumstances;
  • implementation of joint targeted programmes with charities.

In 2015 year charity contributions of Transneft PJSC and organizations of “Transneft” system amounted to 8,1 mlrd. rubles  

Transneft PJSC in 2015 year performed sponsorship support of the socially important activities within the following areas:

  • sports;
  • culture and education;
  • military and patriotic activities;
  • environmental protection;
  • exhibition activities.

In 2015 year sponsorship contributions of Transneft PJSC 97,4 mln. rubles.